- Project: One city I would like to travel one day!
- Cultural video: France revealed
- World interesting news
- France map project
- "Welcome to Paris" poster project
- France geography, education and music
- Quiz on France
- Learned basic Mandarin Chinese phrases
- Get your name in Chinese characters
- Chinese calligraphy
- China map project
- Chinese "Valentine's Day" card
- Learned Chinese zodiac
- Quiz on China
- German word search
- World Interesting News
- China Geography, History and Famous Sightseeing places
Italy Revealed
Italy native lingo, family life
Night at the Museum
Australia Revealed
Plants of Australia
Australian slangs
Russia Revealed
Russian dolls
Russian Native lingo
Japan Islands worksheet
Japan Revealed
Japanese greeting, numbers, colors
Japanese practice writing
Powerpoints:rice field, writing system, Japan, Japan unqiue, Hayao Miyazaki;
Movie: "castle in the sky"
- Introduce Russian Geography and History
- Russia City Search Project
- World Interesting News
- Music from Italy and Germany
- China News Search
- Video Questions: Automotive Industry in China
- Review restaurant converstions
- Learn Chinese character writing (food/drink)